How To Raise An Office Chair Without A Lever

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Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes. There are chairs explicitly designed for gamers who want to be comfortable during matches, and office chairs that are meant to keep executives secure during important meetings.

Whatever your needs are, there is an office chair made just for you. Sometimes, these chairs do not have a lever easily accessible to raise and lower the seat. The chair could have a broken gear or could be an older model without a bar built in.

Since a lot of people spend hours on end in office chairs, it is essential to make them as comfortable as possible. In this sense, there are many ways to adjust the chair to ensure whoever is sitting in them can feel cozy throughout the day.

Office chairs adjust with levers, back height adjustment, and with bolts. How an office chair is adjusted depends significantly on the model and age of the chair itself. If you have an older model seat or one that does not have a traditional handle, read on to see how to raise an office chair without a lever.

How To Choose The Correct Height

You may be wondering how to choose the correct height for your office chair. Luckily, there are ways to tell whether or not a certain chair height will be comfortable for you.

  • 1
    Take your workspace into consideration. Some offices have keyboards closer to the chair, while others are further away. There are also higher desks and lower desks to consider. Figure out where your perfect spot to sit, in terms of seat height, in regards to your office space.
  • 2
    Make sure your feed sit squarely on the floor. Feet should be comfortable, and your legs will form a perfect 90-degree angle. Your thighs should be completely horizontal.
  • 3
    Determine what kind of chair you are using within your office. Newer models of chairs have levers that can easily be adjusted, but older models do not. Chairs without pneumatic levers require a little more thought to change them.
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    Once you have found the perfect height for your needs and determined the type of chair you are sitting in, it is time to figure out how to raise the office chair without a lever. Read on to learn how to do so.

Older Office Chair Models

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Older model office chairs require different ways to raise and lower the seat. Once you have determined what type of office chair you have, it is time to adjust the height for optimum comfort within the office setting.

Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Adjustment

If you have an older chair model, follow these steps to raise the office chair without a lever:

  • 1
    Stand up from the chair. Older chair models cannot be adjusted while you sit on them. They do not have a pneumatic lever that can be pumped and lifted.
  • 2
    Manually turn the seat of the chair clockwise or counter-clockwise to raise and lower the seat. Depending on the chair itself, you will need to turn the seat to see which way is lowering it and which way is raising it.
  • 3
    Once the office chair adjusts, sit down to check the height and if it is satisfactory - great! You have just successfully adjusted an office chair without the use of a lever. If the seat still needs to be improved, start the process again.
  • 4
    Repeat the adjustment and continue checking by sitting down until you have found the perfect office chair height for your needs.

Under-Chair Bolt Adjustment

There are also office chairs that adjust by twisting a large bolt located at the bottom of the chair. In order to do this, follow the directions below.

  • 1
    Stand in front of the chair to adjust the height of the seat. Once again, the older models of chairs cannot change while sitting on them. You need to be able to turn the bolt underneath the chair manually.
  • 2
    Maneuver the bolt under the seat and watch the chair raise and lower. Decide where you would like to adjust the position and stop turning the large bolt.
  • 3
    Sit on the chair and determine whether or not you are happy with the height. If you can sit comfortably, as explained above, you have adjusted the height to be perfect for your needs.
  • 4
    If you are not satisfied with the height of the chair, stand up in front of the chair, and turn the large bolt located underneath the seat once again. Continue to do so until you have adjusted the seat to your liking.
  • 5
    This process can be performed over and over again until you find the height that works best for your needs. Once you have found the height you desire, lock the bolt to keep the height of the seat in place.

Figuring out how to raise an office chair without a lever does not have to be a tricky feat. Adjusting a seat can be a natural process once you learn how to do so.

You may need to turn the seat of the chair multiple times before finding the perfect height, but it is possible to find a comfortable height for your needs.

Back Height Adjustment

A select number of chairs also allow you to adjust the back and arm heights. Since you should be aiming to have the most comfortable office chair possible, adjusting the arm and back heights are another way to ensure your comfort.

Depending on the chair you have, you may have limited options or fully customizable options for adjusting the back and armrest height. Some backrests allow you to move them forward and backward, while others only allow for up and down movement.

Some chairs also allow you to adjust the recline. You have the option to recline further back or have a more upright seating position. The type of work you are doing and your personal preference will determine what kind of recline works best for you.

Armrests should hold your arms and elbows comfortably. You should be able to work diligently and then place your arms on the rests to relax. Again, this option will determine your personal preference and your bodily needs.

The ability to adjust the arm and back heights make chairs as comfortable as possible for the person sitting in them. While some chairs are very basic and do not allow for much adjustment, there are others on the market that are fully customizable.

Whatever your personal needs you, you can find an office chair that works for you. Whether you want one that can be adjusted entirely or one that does not have a pneumatic lever, there are office chairs that fit your needs.

How to Fix a Broken Lever

Luckily, if you have a chair that adjusts with a pneumatic lever, it is possible to fix a lever that has broken over time. If your chair no longer adjusts its height when you prompt it to, consider fixing the lever as opposed to purchasing a new office chair altogether.

Fortunately, most office chair models have parts that can be purchased separately. This is great because you can fix parts of the chair that break. This option gives you more flexibility with your office furniture.

If your office chair is not adjusting as it should, you most likely need to purchase a new cylinder. A cylinder helps hold different heights for an office chair, letting you choose the height that you prefer to sit.

When purchasing a new cylinder for your office chair, you need to make a few measurements to ensure you are buying the correct part. You will need to find:

  • 1
    The width or diameter of the cylinder where it fits into the base of the chair. Be careful - this measurement must be exact, or you will not get the correct part to fix your office chair.
  • 2
    You will also need to measure the height of the cylinder. This measurement allows for more leeway than the diameter measurement, but make sure the number is as close as possible.
  • 3
    With these two measurements, you can now search for a new cylinder for your office chair! They can be found online or in many office furniture stores. When you receive the part, there will be simple directions on how to install the new cylinder piece.

Remember, Don’t Sit For Too Long!

It is important to note that sitting for long periods can cause issues for your body. Chronic aches and pains are more likely to occur for those who sit in office chairs for hours on end, without any movement.

If you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for hours every day, make attempts to break up the monotony with small breaks. Take a walk to the water fountain or get up and stretch when possible. Short bursts of movement can help prevent chronic aches and pains.


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Whether you have a chair in your office or for something different, all chairs need to be comfortable for the person sitting in them. Sitting in an office chair that is too low or too high for long periods can cause an array of aches and pains.

While many people do not take the time to figure out how to adjust their seats, with or without levers, it is very beneficial to do so. This guide can help you learn how to raise an office chair without a lever so you can find the height that works best for you.


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